Compiling Oforth on Linux 64bits systems

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Re: Compiling Oforth on Linux 64bits systems

Postby k5nwa » 26 Apr 2019 17:37

After deleting primitiv.S and running make all the file is back when you get the error, so either it copied it successfully or an earlier part of the make all created it. As far as a window to run commands I use the one provided by Windows which is cmd.exe. Maybe I should try the version that runs with elevated privileges as administrator. I just did and it make no difference.

Just to see what happens, I substituted the copy command with "cmd.exe copy" so it would use the right one and it went past that error point, but then on the next call to make, it pulled up the Microsoft make and it failed again. I searched drive C and there are 5 copies of make.exe in the PC from various pieces of software, Microsoft VS, Orange C, Digital Mars C, Lazarus, and minGW, every version runs differently. So at this point I think there are major conflicts with all those make.exe files, if I fix it for minGW it will break something else. Later I will create a Windows VM with none of that software and only minGW and see if it works right.

If while in that directory I try the same command as the shell says has an error it works just fine, so maybe the make is not running right and as far as the make command it is the latest downloaded from the minGW site at this point I'm lost since the error makes no sense and like I said before I'm not familiar with make. On the Linux side everything works fine and I was reluctant to add minGW to my Windows partition.


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Re: Compiling Oforth on Linux 64bits systems

Postby Franck » 28 Apr 2019 10:53

Sorry, no idea about this problem... This should work on Windows the same as it works on Linux.

But having Oforth in debug mode on Linux is enough, no ?
If needed, you can always use de pre-compiled Windows version to run Oforth on Windows :

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