Progress toward 1.0 and and IDE

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Progress toward 1.0 and and IDE

Postby jhall » 03 May 2016 17:15

Dear Franck,

I wonder how you are progressing on oForth and it would be interesting to hear what your priorities are. Please let us know.

I think that oForth would benefit from a programming interface that not only makes it easier to write programs, but that enables
exploration of the oForth language. I'm thinking of a Smalltalk like browser/editor--something like HolonS, but I'm sure there are other options.

I've used Smalltalk and oForth is a very good fit for this type of interface.


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Re: Progress toward 1.0 and and IDE

Postby Franck » 07 May 2016 07:37

Dear John,

I'am currently working on FFI support for the next version.
I have not decided yet if it will be Oforth V1.0 or not, but V1.0 it will be this one or the next one.

For IDE, you are right. Oforth has Forth an Smalltalk syntax and this kind of interface is great.

For HolonS, I'am trying to include my oforth sources but, currently, I have not many time to work on it.

For what I have seen, I think that it is a great tool, very adequate with Oforth sources.
Oforth is a mix of Forth and Smalltalk syntax and HolonS is a relevant IDE for Oforth source.

For those interested and who are beginning with Oforth source, I higly suggest to try HolonS as IDE.
It can be found here :

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