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Rosetta Code Source

Postby Will.Rubin » 05 Feb 2016 21:10

Do you have any sort of standardized set of files you use for the Rosetta Code samples?

I was just doing some quick playing around and fixed the syntax of a few tasks. Probably not the most efficient thing to do.
Was thinking a subdirectory (under examples?) holding each task would be handy.
Even better would be to make them testable and verify against the output tag.

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Re: Rosetta Code Source

Postby Franck » 06 Feb 2016 11:44

I don't have those kind of files.

I was thinking about take one day to pass through all tasks and correct them according to the new syntax.

Yes, the subdirectory is a good idea. Will make it.

I have one file with some Rosetta code tasks that is part of my tests when I release a new version.
It tests according output.

Oforth must be launched with --t command line option, then load the file.
I will post it here today (extension .of does not seems to be allowed to upload !! I try to correct thie).

EDIT : file rosetta.of added

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